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Luis Rudge

Before: Next.js (pretty old version 2.4, not using SSR) running on Azure Web Apps using Azure Sql Server. After:…

4 hours ago

Alex Ruheni

@ChaseRoossin @prisma Hey Chase 👋🏽 Did you notice any performance hits? I'd be interested in learning what your ex…

2 days ago

Chase Roossin

Has anyone used @prisma’s advanced JSON filtering? What sort of performance hits did you notice?

4 days ago

Akash Gupta

@wasim7raja10 @prisma @wasim7raja10 Performance, powerful data modeling and flexibility of choosing Database In…

1 week ago

Przemyslaw Figura

@ruheni_alex @ScriptedAlchemy @JayCooperBell @prisma @WebStormIDE

1 week ago

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