Professor Grade Book tweets

Crazy Sexy Cool.

PSA : my professor will feel the wrath of Dr.Hundley if she doesn't change that zero in her grade book !

5 years ago

Avery Hutcheson

Did professor calley count the persuasive paper as the final?? Its in the grade book for double the points

5 years ago

Johnaye Kendrick

This kid is really pushing it with the midnight deadline... 12:01 gets 0 points in the Professor Kendrick Grade Book.

5 years ago

Shelly Goglio

when your professor rounds up every grade in the grade book>>>

5 years ago

Jennie Schendel

So I get an emai from my history professor saying that I have submitted to many assignments and that the grade book only can accept a few

5 years ago

Eric Chung

Tomorrow is final and my professor still haven't input a packet and quiz into the grade book lol. #WhoIsLaggingNowHuh

5 years ago

Hi my name is...

RT @c00000kie: My professor was suppose to have my psych paper graded by Thursday, and it's still not in the grade book **

5 years ago

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