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Luckily those propranolol inderal can much reduce the migraine. Hehe . Plus, i wont have tachycardia much. Alhamdulillah . :D

7 years ago


Noww Theyy gott Mee Onn Theseee DanggOnIttt Propranolol, #Smhhh

7 years ago

Nicole Allocca

@juicybunzz @mandy_pantz_ @nikkmyass @shmemilygrace did you push 300 CC's of propranolol? I could do this all night

7 years ago

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Journ of Amer Acad of Dermatology: topical 1% propranolol ointment may be safe & effective for superficial infantile hemangiomas

7 years ago

Izzy Beaumont

keep forgetting to take my shagging propranolol

7 years ago

Cory Poe

Palpitations equate to propranolol which means sleep....zzzzzz

7 years ago


Dear pharm be nice cuz I'm out of propranolol so panic attacks are not an option tomorrow thanks love Kelly ******

7 years ago

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