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♥ ∞~Free~∞ ♥

My mommy say since SAS dont have prom I going to QC or SAC in grade.12 ~


7 years ago

SKS Media Londres

RT @carrolltrust: PM David #Cameron + Alexander Cameron QC Family Estate BLAIRMORE TAX HAVEN CONNECTION CARROLL*TRUST #MI6 #MI5 Scandal ...


7 years ago

Jason Kenna

@UGAphlow go panthers


7 years ago

RIParadise SHAD

HYFR then snakes in da Ga dome RT @TheJoshWrite: Whoever decided not to clock the ball should run stadiums until the bowl game


7 years ago

Mikhail Williams

:$ mi poetic RT @Trish_is_here: Awww so sweet!! :$ RT @lost_in_QC: Roses are red, violets are blue, if yuh deh wid me, mi will deh wid you.


7 years ago

Rommel Rodriguez

QC to Makati in 8mins. This is how it's supposed to be!! @denisecads OT Sunday ka? Lunch tayo!


7 years ago

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