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Things the Trump administration has taken money from to fund the jailing of families and immigrant abuses: ❌ FEMA ❌…

1 month ago

Atlanta Braves

For Braves Country. For our city. For our fans. #ForEachOther

1 month ago

Tony Bellew

I genuinely don’t understand why people come on here and give out abuse? Is your life so bad that wanna just give o…

1 month ago

Дмитрий Кувшинников

RT @drugoigorodru: НАХОДКА НЕДЕЛИ В доме Прахова нашли дореволюционные погоны и фрагменты кителя —…

1 month ago

Your boy

RT @nickhansonMN: there’s literally nothing better than when you’re full on laughing with someone and you both keep adding things that make…

1 month ago