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sdd cafe

@gdiasdlima meu avô foi comemorar o dia do nascimento dela e gastou o dinheiro pra registar com cachaça, ai registrou outro mês

1 month ago

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Naira Banks

North Star Health Collective is providing medical assistance to people in Minneapolis, if you can boost this post a…

1 month ago

Bhagat Singh Koshyari

Film star @SonuSood called on at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai today. Shri Sood briefed about his ongoing work to help the mig…

1 month ago

Sara Benincasa

Nobody needs to hear that not all cops are bad. Your nice cop friend doesn't get a gold star for not doing a race m…

1 month ago

Sai Kumar Reddy

RT @_TheNameIsSiva: The only hero from Tollywood who is looking like a Hollywood hero. Super star #SarkaruVaariPaata…

1 month ago