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Paula Byrne Author FRSA

Honestly, there were many occasions when I was reading the #Sanditon scripts when I was doubtful about a particular…

6 days ago

Erika Heidewald, Proud Autistic Bitch

i have “good” NT social skills because my mom is ND and taught me about all the norms. she taught them to me as nor…

5 days ago

David Wells

New tiny lil @webpack plugin webpack-persist-build- -hash Persist the build hash for use in pre/post build scripts…

just now

Christina Warren

@maxvoltar @DavidOBrien I was going to ask if you’re just doing the blender scripts or if you had another idea. I’v…

6 minutes ago

Adam Windstorm

RT @illusClaire: Very often I am hired to give notes on scripts before they reach artists, which I always enjoy and give a lot of thought t…

6 minutes ago

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