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Mudassar Ahmed

RT @Jihad4Justice: I'll demonise ur religion as long it reminds u that ur a bad Muslim & stops u 4rm talking about our foreign polic ...

7 years ago

woah bro.

@Originnnn you asked me does religion play a big part in my life and I said not really, so why would you ask me that?

7 years ago

Sandhya Menon

almost all schools asked religion and caste.

7 years ago

Santo Arimartin

RT @berrychology: "Life of Pi" is more about religion, faith, God and spiritual preference. Packed and delivered in an epic survival story.

7 years ago


RT @religionnews: Brazil and the Rise of the Evangelical Church (video) #religion +

7 years ago


RT @okaynope: religion:

7 years ago

Svjetlana Djajic

RT @FactsorDie: There is a golden temple in India that feeds thousands of people who show up randomly regardless of race, religion and c ...

7 years ago

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