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Col. Morris Davis

So @realDonaldTrump bans the use of government aircraft by a co-equal branch of government during his temper tantru…

9 hours ago

Ben Walsh

The Treasury Department decided that Mnuchin "did not need an ethics waiver" to ride on Milken's jet, even though M…

17 hours ago

Greys Anatomy

Strap in. This is going to be one roller coaster ride of emotions. #GreysAnatomy

15 hours ago


RT @correctnee: jinki: taemin, you passed out. do you remember anything? taemin: only the ambulance ride to the hospital jinki: that wasn…

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Pat McDermott

RT @chrisderrick1: Life. It often supplies great joy – only to be followed by deep lows. Ride along with the #La…

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