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Alexander K 🐲

RT @mitchellvii: LIBERAL PLAYBOOK #1: When you have no agenda, fabricate a crisis, then attack it.

3 hours ago

Илья Шумилов ☭

@nierozumie @BobBorsley @DamCou @mrianleslie @venyanamore I'm against Putin .1992-1996 Putin was trained in the Na…

18 hours ago

Dan Aos

Seeing Putin and Crown Prince MBS in a box watching the Rus/KSA match is a wonderful image symbolic of the death an…

4 days ago

The People's Game

GOL for #RUS ! Somewhere a liberal is weeping

4 days ago

Valery Volkov

RT @delyagin: Между повышением доходов и сокращением численности бедных, выбор пал на последнее. Удивляться нечему - немцы тоже план истреб…

4 days ago

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