Saffron tweets

Sam Johnson

RT @OllieJayR: Goin w/ 'Very Old Spice' deodorant 2night. Ladies won't be able to resist scents of Ptolemaic saffron & tumeric as I ...

7 years ago

Healthy News

Man cures cancer with saffron tea:

7 years ago

Jade Thomas

Who wants to come over and watch Christmas movies all day tomorrow #lazyday

7 years ago

Grant Scicluna

Saffron-infused gin. Yes.

7 years ago

Lozzy Saffron

@catterinaw bunnies are the smartest ever

7 years ago

Black Seed Expert

Healing #essence of saffron: anti-cancer and anti-depressants:

7 years ago

Catterina W

@lozzy_saffron it's okay I reckon they could learn pretty fast

7 years ago

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