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Leonardo Padrón

Yo pensaba que los únicos que le robaban celulares y cámaras a los periodistas eran la GNB, la PNB y los colectivos…

2 weeks ago

Raheem Kassam

What a thing to wake up to. My personal Facebook profile has been deleted, with no warning or explanation. I can no…

2 weeks ago

Juan C. Sosa Azpúrua

Mándele un ramo de rosas y una tarjeta personal, perfumada. Que aquí "no hay conflicto armado". Suerte!

3 weeks ago

Randy Gene Foncree

Wisdom is knowing when to speak up and stand for the truth, and when to remain silent. — feeling hopeful

2 weeks ago

Alex aka Random Moomoo

This intro showing off each member of and their personal logos is epic af Did they really need to go off like tha…

2 weeks ago