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Madeleine luvs 1D

RT @sana_talath: @maddyeagles hey!!!!! One Direction r CMIN 2 Aussie+ new z!!!! Sold out tickets!!! Dats wat I saw!! Aren't u goin??? De ...

9 years ago

Chris Uellner

I woke up this morning, saw the clock said "6:27" and went "oh crap!" (I usually get up at six). Then I remembered it was Saturday.

9 years ago

Rex D

saw someone give another person the dirtiest look imaginable, then when she realised I was staring I got my own little dosage #KillerLook

9 years ago

Dan Gay

Also saw this and made me chuckle, then totally wary of elevators!

9 years ago

♥ xiang 시앙

@yongjunna OMG you saw that.......

9 years ago

Anneke Kusuma Dewi

RT @arnoldipras: #MemoriesIWontForget When I first met you, knew you, saw you and fell in love with you.

9 years ago


@justinbieber I've also started I heard you're doing Twitter. The first thing you want to follow. You are to follow saw this message?!!

9 years ago

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