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.@YahooNews senior writer @realchriswilson came to @NotreDame for Mike Schur's recent visit, detailing how…

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NYRB Classics

“Life is a racket,” he added. “Writing is a racket. Sincerity is a racket. Everything’s a racket.” We are very so…

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Jonny Geller

Editing is an essential component to a writer’s life. Nobody wants to see the rock where the sculpture came from…

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Pooja what is this behavior?

I love the teaser of #YehMeraDil, I want to watch, you all are so judgemental from Harassment, 50 shades of Grey, a…

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RT @goodgirlhina: //Hinata's true place in life. EEEEEEP! WRITER CHAN WHY WOULD YOU SHARE SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!? //I just wanted people t…

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