Science Experiments tweets

Kate McKinney

I got the kids Christmas Story notebooks & stocking sized science experiments last night at Target. What else for stockings?

7 years ago


Doing safe but cool science experiments cause I'm bored xD

7 years ago

Clear Science Staff

The Clear Science staff has been spending time doing experiments to probe the hidden secrets of battery mater…

7 years ago

Science Wizards

Looking to reach more schools in #kent and get children involved with fun #science experiments 8-)

7 years ago

Makayla Bradley✌

Science experiments in class today :) #teachercadet

7 years ago

Atul Veer

My answer to What are cool and inexpensive home science experiments I can do to blow my son's mind?

7 years ago


@Lizzs_Lockeroom The media treats Black folk like science experiments to be studied, but really isnt interested in fixing anything.

7 years ago

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