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Helen Bylett

@KevWhitt they'll be fine - we'll get there and feel like sh*t :-)

7 years ago


RT @RolondaTheBeast: If yo chick never pay for yall meals or never buy u sh$t but some socks, & boxer .... #SheBasic

7 years ago

FyM ? B.tch , its ..

"@Leo_Tweets: With #Leo's some feelings don't go away. They just get avoided." Realest sh.t ever tweeted, it's exactly what I do

7 years ago

❤✝ D3CEᗰBeЯ ✝❤

i swear daisha say sum of the most dumbest sh*t lol

7 years ago


@taighlor2 lol i feel you..shidd at least somebody retweetin my sh^t

7 years ago

Christina Zurla

Holy Sh&$t. Old school Carver in Starship Troopers. #thewire

7 years ago


Boyy , My Granddaddy Dont Do Nhun , But Tawlk sh.t !

7 years ago

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