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ABC News

BREAKING: Six Atlanta police officers charged after allegedly pulling two college students out of a car, smashing i…

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BREAKING: The Fulton County DA has charged 6 APD officers after tasing 2 students, pulling them out of their car du…

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Dan Bongino

Six Million Guns Sold in Three Months 🔥🔥🔥

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david burgin

RT @maddow: "Federal prison in Butner Ohio begins mass COVID testing after six prisoners die in eight days"

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RT @WashTimes: It has been six years since the Ferguson riots put a microscope on relations between police and black communities, and despi…

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Eugene Gu, MD

Amy Cooper, the VP of Investment Solutions at Franklin Templeton, needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the…

1 week ago

JJ Watt

I have no clue where this study is from... I have no clue why we’re getting this information from MC Hammer... Bu…

1 week ago

Laurence Tribe

How much more obvious could it be that Trump is laying the foundation for refusing to accept defeat this November 3…

1 week ago

Thierry Régagnon

RT @mims: Cigarette companies: found out their product caused cancer, covered it up Oil and gas: knew about climate change, buried it Fac…

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RT @katieexx26: Y’all a simple RT & forward could help find my cousin , any information DM me !!

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