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@__SKULLBOX YEEHAW join the no wisdom club 😂 Also pls take good care of urself!!! The aftercare is the most importa…

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RT @RiotsInRed: Katsuki didn’t say the words “I’m in love with you” to Eijirou when he confessed. He said, “I’m obsessed with you,” and E…

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Addison Smith

David DePape is a hemp jewelry-making, drug-abusing hippie nudist from Berkeley who lives in a school bus w/ a BLM…

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Marc E. Elias

More than 50% of law school grads are women. Yet, in this sitting of the Supreme Court, only 2 of the 27 lawyers ar…

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malayalam ameen

RT @TamilRatsaschi: Splendid work by the DMK Govt in renovating and extending the Storm water drain network in Chennai cause of which there…

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RT @MPS_News: Tuesday, Nov. 8 is election day. With many MPS school sites serving as polling places, MPS encourages voters to consider voti…

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