Digital Vs Analog tweets


@Versability just read your article about the digital vs the analog. really liked the first part, as its actually just logical.

6 years ago

Fritz Hoepfner

Digital vs analog horse

6 years ago

Billy willis fluffy

@michaelhsweet do led lights fall in the tube vs solid state or digital vs analog arguments? #oldschoolrules

6 years ago

Alf Egil Aukan

Analog vs. Digital

6 years ago

Ruth Pierich

Digital photography as a "stream" of personal experience vs. traditional analog photojournalism.

6 years ago

Izzat Iqbal

Digital vs analog :)

6 years ago

Mike Niederquell

@viktorphoenix @bobbyowsinski Looks great! Can't help but think of Grohl's whole analog vs. digital fiasco when I see this.

6 years ago

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