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Tucker Carlson

We reached out to Pfizer today and asked if Pfizer is conducting experiments to mutate new coronaviruses for profit…

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Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta

I’m not sharing or watching the video of Tyre Nichols having his life stolen. This is how we should remember him —…

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Elie Mystal

I feel like people who are *surprised* that the cops who did this are black are about to learn a part of "the Talk"…

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RT @sawada46493: / Nintendo Switch lite or ギフト券2万円 抽選で1名様にプレゼントします🎁 \ - (応募方法) ①このツイートRT ②↓のツイッターをフォロ- ー (締- 切) 1/31 2…

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COINHUNT.X #76ers Legacy NFT’S

RT @theagentmetro: @DigitalAssetUpd @CelsiusUcc @CelsiusUcc doesn’t care about you. Or me. The committee members seem compromised and it’s…

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