Social Issues tweets

Mr. Ambition

@Rebelwt_nocause I been saying this for years , ppl have issues excepting the truth , social networks allow us to Decieve

9 years ago

Astronaut C

I can already tell people on this show have some serious social issues.

9 years ago

MyPurpGood ♋

@swizzysworld people with social network issues lol

9 years ago


So stupid to break up over social network issues.

9 years ago

Robert Quickert

RT @WWFCanada: Love it! RT @strombo: Cool invention to bring clean light to developing countries: #GravityLight runs on, well, gravity h ...

9 years ago

Sparky Runner

Seriously, if anypony has wondered about my social life or mental issues, seek help. I'm not interesting!

9 years ago

Elana Flowers

Face your problems dont Facebook them.Treat your issues dont Tweet them.Your social network may be online,but Your troubles dont have to be!

9 years ago

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