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Lauren Boebert for Congress (R-CO3)

Illegal Alien: “I did it to feed my family.” Salon Owner: “I did it to feed my family.” Why do the Democrats only…

3 weeks ago

Ben Shapiro

If you doubt the power of the press, recognize that Gov. Ron DeSantis handled covid-19 in Florida in excellent fash…

3 weeks ago

John Boyega

Remember when the ants in a bugs life realized there were more of em and...... you know what forget it.

3 weeks ago


RT @Chidibanx: I used my savings to buy a gold necklace for my babe and she sold it to buy a new phone for her boyfriend, I don’t understan…

3 weeks ago


I hate how racist my family is like can they stfu and keep there opinions to their selves. I have my own opinions b…

3 weeks ago