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db Debashish Bose

@p_adic_Saurav But certainly must say while @vijay_rajan was trying counter factual reason it was childish to qn your stat/reasoning ability

5 years ago

Daniel Cole Young

I'm getting really good at these three dimensional python dictionaries. stat_package[p_idx][counter][- 'total'] = stat_total

5 years ago


Photo: I love looking at the useless information about my blog that my stat counter gives me for example...

5 years ago

InĂªs Pena

@MaryLNaylor I can't go to bed without checking stat counter we both know this also I have visits from Liverpool #isthatyou

5 years ago


3 out 6 review sites were missing reviews for the average dealers altogether. Find out how to counter this stat -

6 years ago

jeri whateva

My stat counter on my tumblr helps me exploit my hatahs and I lurve it

6 years ago

Mundane Matt

Stat counter may have bested me today. But now I know how to beat it. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

6 years ago

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