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Bill Maher

Heard the word “tragedy” 100 times already about the school shooting - not really, by the classical definition: tra…

1 week ago

Charles M. Blow

How this is going to go: America: Outrage, sadness NRA: Complete silence NRA supporter in DC: Thoughts and prayers…

1 week ago


In the first 43 days of 2018 America experienced: 18 school shootings 29 mass shootings 1,796 total gun deaths 3,099 total injuries

1 week ago

Brand New Congress

ICE is a cruel deportation machine meant to strike fear into the hearts of immigrants both documented and undocumen…

1 week ago

Louisa Bosco

RT @OliverMcGee: Obama didn't have an answer for jobs leaving America. He also falsely claimed @realdonaldtrump didn't have answer either.…

1 week ago