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Robert Macfarlane

Word of the day: “smoot-hole” - gap designed into a drystone wall to allow free passage of some creatures (eg hares…

1 day ago

richard foster 🦅

Apparently as both Newcastle & West Ham cases are in remit of HMRC won't lead to any punishment on football side eg points deduction.

1 day ago

Faisal Islam

Labour to announce commitment to scrap NHS 1% pay cap..& reintroducing funded training for NHS workers eg nursing training axed this year

1 day ago

* サ エ 🐶(( 固ツイお願いします

@s_cerulean 分からないね笑笑 せっかくのお弁当の味が分からないって お- 腹いっぱいにならないわ😂😂

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