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David Frum

Striking thing about B&L memoir: how many instances it records of Trump's casualty cruelty - and how servilely B&L…

18 hours ago

Andrew Neil

Germany does so many things better than UK (eg STEM skills) and we don’t learn enough from it. But it has its probl…

23 hours ago


A strong 2-0 against EG. We're coming for the spot @compLexityLive #DreamOG

11 hours ago



just now

≣ たぴおか ® 固ツイ見てください

RTして下さる方はいらっしゃいませんか?😭😭😭😭😭 お願- いします。お願いします。お願いします。 #LDHfamさ- ん繋がりませんかrtで気になった人お迎えいきます

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