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MIAMI NA NA NA come hang out with me at @officialfye in coral springs [ 9009 West Atlantic Blvd ] on 2/11!!!! today…

1 day ago

Misha Collins

I named my son West; then, Kanye & @KimKardashian named their first-born North. Pretty blatant— but it gets worse!…

14 hours ago


“The military will still go to work. They will not get paid. The border will still be patrolled. They will not get…

16 hours ago

John Q. Public

RT @BakedNorwegian: @MaxBoot What is "anti-semitic" about wanting diversity in Israel? What do you call Jews who advocate for open borders…

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Odoyo Dennis

So @JubileePartyK has abandoned the Kitui West race? Did they have an option?

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