Stranded tweets


RT @SamCoolledge: @LaylDook hahhaah ohh my i remember that:( good times stranded at 3 in the morn hahah

7 years ago

Mercedes Bassett

Truck won't start. -__- #stranded

7 years ago

Bethany lukitsch

Stranded at Westchester commons.

7 years ago

naomi robb kerr

If I was stranded on a iceland and I could bring 1 thing I would take Dora she has everything in that backpack !x!x!x!

7 years ago


#MemoriesIWontForget when me and my bro and cus took a cab to newark by mistake and gt stranded lol

7 years ago

Elena Solorio

probably gonna lay in bed and stay at home all day .. #thanksmom #stranded

7 years ago

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