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@Borrello_FSU @aminatou Im also 31, and I find this to be super cool. Kids didn’t do this in the 00s, we told frien…

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M LeMont I think we got something big here. Get this product--tell a friend. Do it now. *affiliate

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✨sɐɯʇsıɹɥɔ ʎddɐɥ✨

RT @mysillycomics: me when I have a super special gift for a friend I know they will love but bc I want to surprise them with it I can’t te…

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an intellectual dumbass

Like that was just so funny because it was such a mess and also she kept having her weirdo friend message me and te…

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Brandon Kozak

@Tyler_Sederwall If it was a friend I would play along for a bit then drop the straight edge down on em for kicks.…

13 hours ago

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Quem manja de caixa 2 é o Andrade!

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Si tienes que organizar un aniversario y no sabes donde cotizar, entra a y encontraras la solución

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