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What will Sylver do with Liam's confession? 😬 #Hollyoaks

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like + reply with your favorite meme to apply!!

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idk yet

@bby_sylver i’m INNOCENT

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Sylver Kaldron

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@mmmoooollllyyy now ur just tripping me up

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Sharyl Attkisson🕵️‍♂️

It's a tribute to you and to the U.S. that you weren't born into wealth but have been able to become a multi-millio…

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Walter Shaub

No surprise the White House profiteer tweeted he likes vaping. The industry has courted his love "with a lobbying…

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This is my favorite piece of acting of all time. It’s from the Gary Marshall film NOTHING IN COMMON - a movie about…

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RT @TheZaiduLeaks: Malala is in millionaires club, she's charging $152,000 per speech but she never gave anything to us while our PM Imran…

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RT @LoudFlavor: time to ruin myself on super mario maker 2.

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