Takau Pasun Tikau Vastu Correction tweets

John Harwood

Fox anchor on 'Navy Seal' extolling Trump: "God bless John Garofalo" Fox correction: “All Garofalo’s claims untrue" https://t.co/uoJDvu9lUn


1 day ago

Natasha Bertrand

CIA issues a correction after Mike Pompeo said Russian meddling 'did not affect the outcome of the election' https://t.co/87aWfemVFa


1 day ago

Lisa Guerrero 💃🏽

This is SO bad. FoxNews said he had 22 commendations & 2 PurpleHearts! #StolenValor ‘NavySEAL’ turned out to be fake https://t.co/km5iNBQ4Xv


1 day ago

Song Ji Hyek

RT @ameenroselyy: correction , asrama with rules and we break all of it the real definition of fun :)))) https://t.co/WCDvaF6hvh


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RT @jessefelder: ‘A 2-3% correction in US stocks is all it would take to wipe out many short VIX positions’ https://t.co/lOZeRAtruj https:/…


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Ward Corbett

Wall Street banks are starting to sound the alarm on a stock-market correction https://t.co/jBsngIRPCn


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Crypto Core 🏆

The 4 hour is what predicted the dip for me, 1-4 hour correction after the 8th setup. The 4 hour will tell us where it ends or continues.


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