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Ensaf haidar 🇨🇦

Left: peaceful @Imamofpeace fighting for freedom of expression which considered Kafir in the East and West because…

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Max Blumenthal

White Helmets members to be evacuated from Syria and transported to the West by the US and UK — the countries where…

16 hours ago

West Midlands Police

This is the first picture of mum Clare O'Neill, who was injured when car thieves stole her Audi with baby Eliza sti…

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Dahlpourie Deity

RT @islandVivi: i'm West Indian... the elders don't have recipes, they just eyeball everything and throw stuff in the pot... I carry on tha…

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Romford D&D

RT @dndblogs: CROSS PLANES: Savage Worlds: Ghost Rider for the Weird West #dnd

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