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Old Ellicott City

(@HoCo_Library) Movie Night: Date: 12/11/12Time: 5:30 PMLocation: Glenwood BranchPrepare for the rel... #HoCoMovies

8 years ago


RT @TheHostMovieUK: The Host Will Steal Your Brain Heart!

8 years ago


The Best Movie Music Moments Of 2012: And 2012 has been no exception, with a host of movies that have used songs...

8 years ago

Melissa Loh

Current earworm: Imagine Dragon's Radioactive from The Host movie trailer. Yes, another Stephanie Meyer book based movie

8 years ago

Erica H (class twit

Ah!! The host by Stephanie Meyer is being made into a movie! I'm so excited. Except there is no way it will be better than the book

8 years ago


RT @OfficialKenshin: At last! The movie will be shown in the US, although it is at a film festival, not a general theatre release yet... ...

8 years ago

Marty Rudolf

@billybush What do you think of the Movie Man who does Weekly Reviews on "Access Hollywood" Show that you Co-Host?

8 years ago

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