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The Twilight Zone

June 2, 1961: Twilight Zone's "The Obsolete Man" airs. A totalitarian state decides to execute a man who poses a gr…

23 hours ago

Peter St Onge, Ph.D.

Wife asked if we should pretend to be illegals to get free tuition. 🤔 Worth noting that in the twilight of the Rom…

1 day ago

Max Blumenthal

Former UK diplomat and dissident @CraigMurrayOrg: “Three British journalists I know personally – Johanna Ross, Vane…

1 day ago

Samantha Tully

@deadtosin610 @theone20211 I'm blaming him for everything from in his failed experiment. If he is real. he abandone…

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the nail salon has twilight playing like omg thanks

just now

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