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Julen Cocho

B/7 Una buena forma de ilustrar esto consiste en variar la definición de libertad. Si entendemos que dotar de re…

3 days ago

Coffee Drinking Libertarian

I'm a Libertarian - Economic score 100 Personal Score 100

4 days ago

Krzysztof Kapa

I'm a Moderate - Economic score 70 Personal Score 40

5 days ago

clifton g spencer

I'm a Libertarian - Economic score 80 Personal Score 100

6 days ago


@Gag_N_Bone_Man @LBC @mrjamesob It was a rhetorical question. It should be obvious. 3JlT

6 days ago

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Tejasvi Surya

For a young karyakarta like me to be given responsibility of National Youth Wing of the world’s biggest political p…

4 days ago

Craig Murray

For the last forty years of my life, the obscene wealth gap between rich and poor has grown relentlessly, both in t…

4 days ago

Samuel Oakford

"the main mechanism that makes these communities so dangerous is the incessant desensitization to the idea of polit…

4 days ago

Gillian Parkinson

RT @AK_Alysberry: @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris You're a dumbass! You've just endorsed one of the biggest political criminals in the hi…

3 days ago