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Gregory Morales

If the #BorderWall were anything more than a testament of #LatinoApartheid in the #USA The much Softer, Undefended…

1 month ago

Trife Life

@gossipgirl1867 @the_meme_qveen @iGeha if you read the bible sweetie you would know why you dont go by the old test…

1 month ago

Cyber B

@RealShadowhite @MovieSherwood Well, to be fair, the Lego Bible-- The Brick Testament-- is a thing. Has been for at…

1 month ago

Kim M.

Delia was a brick wall tonight! But Isles showed a testament of their play by finding the chip in the wall to make…

1 month ago

Chris Brown

@cutebutweird85 @kendallybrown It's a very good read at The Brick Testament,

1 month ago