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Windows Update

If you’re running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows Server 2008 RS2 Service Pack 1 and having problems installing…

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@SammyBabatunde5 Kindly confirm the message center number and make corrections (if necessary). Thank you. ^Fred.

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@SammyBabatunde5 Hello @SammyBabatunde5, kindly go to the message settings on your device, then select the message…

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Jay Geller

This is the message I get when I try to log in. (And there’s also a grammatical error in your error message.) And…

8 minutes ago

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Jon Voight

Jon Voight’s message of peace and love.

22 hours ago

Narendra Modi

Bhutan has understood the spirit of happiness. And, it is happiness that is Bhutan’s message to the world.

1 day ago


RT @archivejoys: Center Joy! #SayUmpahUmpah #레드벨벳을_항해_음파음파

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Social Democratic Party

When asked, "Would you vote for (the result if leave won) in Parliament?" @joswinson replied, "NO." Please Retweet…

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