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Whipping Up A Pound Cake from Scratch - thephotographer4you®

3 weeks ago

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Two solar flares were released by the Sun this morning, one of which was the most powerful flare recorded since 200…

2 weeks ago


Dems called on Ted Stevens (R) to resign immediately in 2008. Why would it be different with Bob Menendez (D) now?

2 weeks ago

Onward State

Penn State reaches its highest AP ranking since 2008, moving up two spots to No. 4.

2 weeks ago


@theblaze Really - does she really think we care about her opinionated politics? Just shut up and entertain you dancing monkey

2 weeks ago


RT @NASASun: This morning, the Sun released the most powerful solar flare recorded since 2008. Here's what our satellite saw:…

2 weeks ago