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Vicente Fox Quesada

.@realDonaldTrump's made the U.S. democracy look like a toy he can play with. There's no one to stop or prevent his…

1 month ago

ABC News

This was the scorching scene awaiting one Hawaii resident when he returned home to collect his belongings on Sunday…

1 month ago

Karnataka Congress

"The same incompetent people who led the most unstable govt in Karnataka between 2008-13 are now leading the BJP’s…

1 month ago

بوح القصيد

RT @hadifs_alblushi: #ﮬ̲̌ـِـــِاّدّفِـَّـِـَِﮯ . على حطت يد النسيان : و ادور للوصل ، طاري ! حبيبي ..كان يا ما كان ! متى تسأل عن اخباري؟ .…

1 month ago


Gawd Marcus loudmouth opinionated self centred & showing zero empathy for anyone #Genderquake

1 month ago