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RT @TeamTXTColombia: ¡Moa! Recuerda hacer stream de los MV de #TXT: 👑 🐱🐶 🏃…

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sweet night ¹³₇

RT @TeamTXTColombia: ¡Moa! Recuerda hacer stream de los MV de #TXT: 👑 🐱🐶 🏃…

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¡Moa! Recuerda hacer stream de los MV de #TXT: 👑 🐱🐶 🏃…

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RT @nonno_staff: \本日解禁/ 1月20日発売!non-no3月号特別版の表- 紙はTOMORROW X TOGETHER✨ 5人の記念すべき日本初表紙&10ページ- の大特集、お見逃しなく♡ ⏩ BldGvumE #TOMORROW_X_…

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ava angel ✿

RT @HugALandmine: Buff.

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Marshall Mathers

"Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner, but I just been busy" text me, ill hit you back - ☎️ 313-666-7440 #MMLP20…

1 month ago

Anthony Scaramucci

He pushed the limits again and now has been so badly caught in his lies that there is a fact checking link on Twitt…

1 month ago


#SHINee Celebrates Their 12th Debut Anniversary With Handwritten Messages To Fans #SHINeeDay

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RT @TREASUREGLOBAL_: Congratulations Bang Yedam, You made it ! Congratulate Yedam on his digital single announcement by using #YEDAM_SOLOS…

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