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Metric @ Playing XCDE Future Connected

Bro this outfit is FIRE 🔥 for Shulk, I wish this was a costume in Smash and in the base game, unless you unlock it…

3 hours ago

nek 🌸

@Schakerin its still a heartbreakingly boring grind that relies on fate farming if you wanna do a weapon but honest…

4 hours ago

Apocalypso | Shantae Has A Chance! 🇺🇲

@Simon_Vaughn96 @JohneAwesome She's literally a party member. No, you don't unlock her. She's part of the base game.

5 hours ago

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Taylor Swift

My conversations with my mom have always been and will always be some of my favorite memories - from when I was 10…

1 month ago


DAY6 <The Book of Us : The Demon> Released Online MelOn Genie Bugs…

1 month ago


A lot of people are rightly angry at @chucktodd for willfully lying about AG Barr’s comments on rule of law — but…

1 month ago

Da Silvinha

RT @aaacompufms: Nossa última transmissão do dia não podia ser mais especial, nossa Streamer já está online! Conheça a Nisha, nossa incríve…

1 month ago


RT @mcantpc: Ya sınav online olsun tamam da yurtta eşyalar kaldı amk #Yökistifa

1 month ago