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Valerie Ann Higgins

So interesting!

1 day ago

name can be blank


2 days ago

Suzanne Gill

@FT9000 @miketattheashes @WulfgarTheBard Mercians have recourse to the Goog tapestries.

1 week ago

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Charlie Brooker

So we finally decided Black Mirror S4 episode sequence is: 1. USS Callister 2. ArkAngel 3. Crocodile 4. Hang the DJ…

2 days ago


Not exactly known for their expert marksmanship-for once these Stormtroopers are RIGHT ON TARGET! How long can the…

2 days ago

Ethan Dolan

We’re finding out something that’s been a mystery for nearly 18 years...

2 days ago

Mystery Luck

RT @Werethrope: [NSFW] Sit on Weresanta's lap and tell if you've been naughty or nice! WIP <3

1 day ago

Rafe B.

RT @doctorparadox: it is an inexplicable mystery where he got the idea from.

1 day ago