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The Man

RT @NovaFrankly: @DCDownUnder Thanos: "the unverse is imbalanced. there arent enough resources. therefore i must cull half of all life with…

2 weeks ago

Jim Gorman

@AanthanurDC @automaticsteam @cowcreekgeek @BubbasRanch @caerbannog666 @ladyspat1 @jwickers @tomgoldman8…

2 weeks ago

Usko Uusipaikka

@sciam ”Master Physicist”: Some Super-String theories have the seed of truth to clarify Unverse. To find the truth…

3 weeks ago


なんか詰まってたところ解決した。Nielsenのppmの定- 義でtype 3のところはunverseを削っているのか。

3 weeks ago

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