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king crissle

logged on and saw missis like sippi? so now i have to log off.

1 month ago

Reno Omokri

VP @ProfOsinbajo sees the speck in the eyes of pastors, but he refuses to see the log in his own eyes. Where does h…

1 month ago

rob delaney

Just thought I’d log on & say that @UKLabour is good & though I can’t vote since I’m not a citizen, I am a member b…

1 month ago


“10年前に都の合唱コンクールの総評でえらい人が言ってた「一度全部ピアニッシモで歌ってみなさい、こらえきれず強くしてしまったところがその曲の本当に強く歌うべき部分です」っていうのが忘れられないし、音楽以外のあらゆることにあてはまりすぎてずっとそうやって生きてる” ―Twitter

1 month ago

Mohsin Reza

RT @CilExecutive: #RemovePayanamoly #Reject3rdPRC @CoalIndiaHQ CIL kuchh sikho SAIL se yhan bhi worker ka union hai par inko Executive aur…

1 month ago