Water Brush tweets

Brådÿ Høövêr

@jamesleitch10 @calltheproctor when you brush your teeth. Do you paste, then water? Or water, paste, then water again..


8 years ago

Julia Heaney

Having to brush my teeth with seltzer because my mom forgot to the pay the water bill. #sadlife #cheapjew


8 years ago

Mary Larade

ask my mom to pick me up some water colour paint and a paint brush and she comes home with some crayola mini bs. thanks mom


8 years ago

t dobs

Why must people brush their teeth in the water fountain


8 years ago

Aya Amkieh

Waking up at 5:30, no water 2 brush ur teeth (eh wala no2ta)&few minutes later #Bassil b elak bjr w betruh lkahraba! Dresso 3adaw ur mobile!


8 years ago

Jared Solomon

A 3500 brush truck with a 1000 gallon water tank?! I hope they know its not gonna be doing the rescuing its gonna be rescued #toheavy


8 years ago


I always crave water after I brush my teeth. #idkwhy


8 years ago

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