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Mariah Gomez

RT @iimaeganxx: It's water under the bridge now but the bridge is still burning.


7 years ago

George M. Perry

Great victory against pointless regulations in Austin, TX. Social media and engaged citizens got the job done. http://t.co/zeLj6Tnz


7 years ago

Austin Track Club

Thanks to everyone who made some noise, City Hall got the message: Don't mess with Texas' runners! Special H/T... http://t.co/6cC8WMg5


7 years ago

Chandler Jones

@RayeBlanco same for you boo. Shoulda got straight sooner. Regret the beef but glad it's water under the bridge.


7 years ago


Here's to you Austin runners and the power of social networking! Cheers! http://t.co/y6f33rsx


7 years ago

You So Crazy

@VivaciousCharm I'm good it just water under the bridge...


7 years ago

Alastair Weston

@bruvbristol @jcsearle I like him, think he is ok, all water under the bridge now, he will be ok. I was never a RDM fan


7 years ago

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