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David A. Clarke, Jr.

This corrupted gov official McCabe should be led out of FBI headquarters doing the perp walk in handcuffs and in fr…

3 weeks ago

James Woods

One of the criminals pardoned by #GovernorBrown was “convicted on a felony weapons charge with a gang enhancement.”…

3 weeks ago

Narendra Modi

This new line of the Delhi Metro is yet another example of how we are modernising urban transportation. I will also…

3 weeks ago

Wierny Rusłan

@cyfralab @jodynaa @Cenckiewicz @MON_GOV_PL I w żaden sposób nie mogą pojąć,że normalni ludzie mają ich "uwagi" w d…

3 weeks ago

Tanner Brown

China closes more than 13,000 websites in past three years Says there is overwhelming suppo…

3 weeks ago

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