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Melania Trump

During this special time of the year, I am delighted to share “America the Beautiful” and pay tribute to the majest…

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🎁#ドスパラ『Winter PC Festival』開催記念🎁 毎日1名『Amazonギフト1万円分』が当たる! @d- ospara_web フォロー&RT☃️ 12/2 12時迄/結果は自動返信 更に12/6までの期間で1名…

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Connie Schultz

A friend’s husband, quarantined at home with Covid, has died of a heart attack. He was an essential worker. His wif…

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RT @tora_ec_jyosei: (同人誌)サークル【救急箱】(@hktoka)のはことか先- 生が2018年6月~2020年8月までにWEBにてお届けし- てきた、甘々、ほのぼのからクスッとなる面白いお話まで、様々- なシチュで描かれた銃独作品が詰まった再録集☆『愛と痛みと何- とやら…

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