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Joe Warmington

The VIA train couldn’t get from Union to Ottawa/Montreal thx 2 anti-pipeline protesters blocking the tracks here in…

2 weeks ago


Hello to new followers! I’m a self-taught home cook and mom of two, working as a private chef/recipe developer in D…

2 weeks ago

Ann Coulter

ABC's 1983 movie "The Day After." 100 million viewers. Viewer guides & "discussion groups." High school students w…

2 weeks ago


RT @WeSabio: Your #career path got you down? Kelly went from struggling in real estate to an IT Developer, all it took was a few months lea…

2 weeks ago

hidden forbidden surtr

Doctors! Do you want to know what I think about which units in Arknights are the most powerful? Probably not, but h…

2 weeks ago