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Bom dia, Nação! Há seis meses, o Rio de Janeiro parou para comemorar o nosso bicampeonato da Liberta. Inesquecíve…

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William Yang

Here’s a video capturing a riot police went into a shop to take a bottle of water and left the store without paying…

15 hours ago

映画『プロメア』5/24(日) 公開1周年!/Blu-ray・DVD発売&レンタル中!

【情報解禁】XFLAGから新商品が登場❗ アパレルブラン- ド”MILKFED.”のコラボアイテムも❗ 受注申し込みは- ”XFLAG ANIME ONLINE STORE”から❗ 👉 K5TVWx…

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RT @Escoinho: Fragmovie #5 Wooo ! AshMainNoBrain #PS4share nYQ65

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@Paula_CC92 Sip. 998.

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