Whatsapp Quiz Guess Hindi Actress Name tweets


"You'll never guess what "hot boy" did at school today" http://t.co/2nBC0hcfhx


1 day ago

Drew Brees

Driving home and guess what came on the radio... Green Day and U2..The Saints are Coming. That's a good sign


16 hours ago


quando vc recebe msg no whatsapp mas é de alguém chato http://t.co/S7RxreIlQN


15 hours ago

Whale Facts

RT @loveislifez: GUESS WHAT THIS MAN DID WITH A COW'S TONGUE AT WALMART.(It's even weirder than you think) ==> http://t.co/SsMOzs7O5S http:…


21 seconds ago

Renu :)

wtf is wrong with my Whatsapp


21 seconds ago

Valeria Freire

RT @frasesdebebada: quando me colocam em algum grupo aleatório no whatsapp http://t.co/Ls1PJpJuKS


21 seconds ago

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