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Encontrar los contactos de WhatsApp con la actualización fue uno de los mayores desafíos que tuve en mi vida


1 day ago

Kurt Eichenwald

Trump complained media failed to report line to see him was 6 blocks long. Same ppl who cast fraudulent votes and w… https://t.co/eYDEPpFNRc


1 day ago

Joe Scarborough

That's a good guess. A source told me earlier today that more Russia stories were in the works. A few hours later,… https://t.co/g0nVuhPvM6


1 day ago


Im Snow White. Discover which #Disney princess you are! 👑 START QUIZ: https://t.co/OyQ0SCAMj8 https://t.co/41UH7Bux1l


18 seconds ago

Philip Echavez-Lewis

@FlipNation100 puso as in hindi heart ah as in yung rice na nakabalot sa banana leaves sa cebu as in pu-só


18 seconds ago

Makenna Plumley

Im Snow White. Discover which #Disney princess you are! 👑 START QUIZ: https://t.co/r7Mk8IiM26 https://t.co/REe6O1dWqs


18 seconds ago

Ms. Panda 👒

RT @HugotWords: Yung umay na umay kana sa mga pangako nyang hindi matupad tupad.


19 seconds ago

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