Whatsapp Quiz Guess Hindi Actress Name tweets

One Direction

What a weekend! Have a guess what we're listening to this afternoon? http://t.co/orEz8bKrm3


12 hours ago

Josh Devine

Guess I should get out of bed and start packing!! OTRA tour Pittsburg today! Boom!


1 day ago

Barack Obama

Guess who has a birthday coming up? (Hint: It's #44.) http://t.co/3YdVzP2R5M http://t.co/GKsWzH4T0T


1 day ago


Ha, guess I'm single.


21 seconds ago

Saffron Marko

Why are you experiencing low self-image? Take the quiz: http://t.co/hl5xIuA5l3 http://t.co/yC7QHlUXa2


21 seconds ago


RT @El_Lavaplatos: La vida es mejor cuando no tienes quien te haga reclamos por tu última conexión en WhatsApp.


21 seconds ago


RT @CloydRivers: A black fella killed a white cop in Memphis, TN. Guess it's time to start riotin' and loot the Bass Pro Shop for "justice.…


21 seconds ago

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