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Leonardo DiCaprio

Wherever there is life on Earth, there is water. But only 3% of the H2O on Earth is fresh. Freshwater ecosystems ar…

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@atmp_awtai 明確に動く理由も要因もないまま、気のみ気のままに動きすぎデ- ースU>ω<)/w

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Earth's largest biome is living in the crust? Wild!

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Brian Fallon

In a new letter sent to the Senate, the FBI admits it never meaningfully investigated the claims against Brett Kava…

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Elizabeth Warren

Under my plan, Jeff Bezos would pay a $5.4 billion #WealthTax of his estimated net worth of $181 billion. He could…

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Jemele Hill

So a vaccine that’s proven to be wildly effective and protects people against a potentially deadly virus will get a…

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@AustinMalcom4 @nickdiaz209 I don't believe so. I think he's always been the more gifted of the Diaz bros, and he r…

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